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"We're all getting too old."  

"Kids these days have no interest in cool cars."

"No one wants to be a member of a car club anymore."

We've been hearing the same comments in multiple clubs and multiple groups, and it's true... sort of.  While car club members are getting older on average, we don't see a reason they should be less active.  In addition, as Midwest Motoring was founded by an enthusiast in his mid 30s, we don't believe age really plays a major role either.  It's passion for mechanical things and classic cars that matters (the sound of that straight 6, the smell of oil, or the curve of those front wings).

Midwest Motoring's mission is to encourage the use and enjoyment of classic European sports cars, whether that's on the track, on a TSD rally, or even just driving to work on a Tuesday.  

We believe joining your local club is the best way to find expertise and assistance with your car, and we encourage you to be active.  Let us help you find ways to enjoy the experience even more with like-minded motorists that have other cool and interesting cars.  Midwest Motoring is here to make getting behind the wheel fun!

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