Midwest Motoring has been working on setting up an event in conjunction with The BeautyMark Photo Group, and we're pleased to invite you to The Brauer House in Lombard, Illinois on August 22nd.  We'll meet just before 9:00AM and be done by noon--plenty of time to enjoy some food at Brauer House!  
BeautyMark is a modeling and photography club that sets up various photo shoots for enthusiasts and professionals.  It's a large and active group, and since they're always seeking interesting things to take pictures of, working together with our club just came naturally! 
This event is free to attend, and participants will receive photos of their cars.  Unfortunately, we will be limited in size as there are a finite number of parking spaces, models, and photographers before we get too crowded.  Registration is mandatory.  We'll also be using an application process--not because we want only the best show cars, but mostly to create some variety (having a dozen TR3s that are all the same color kind of defeats the purpose of having different cars to shoot).  Also, not to discriminate, but the club has asked for classic European cars at this event so no Detroit iron this time.  In any case if you aren't among those able to register this time, it likely means the event was popular enough that we'll be setting it up again in the near future!   
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